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laura erkinantti
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
My name is Laura and I'm now 22 years old. As long I can remember I like to write fanfictions. But I'm not professional what comes to writing scene I'm from Finland and I had to learn writing fanfictions all by myself. (Same thing with English too) At first I was afraid to show anyone my fanfictions, because I thought that everybody would laugh at them or hate them. But when I saw how people in Wattpad enjoyed my stories, so I started to write even more fanfictions.


Sorry I haven't been active lately, I have updated my stories in other websides. Have been hanging out with my sister, also when it's summer vecation I'm more in outside then inside. (I can't stand heat, so that's why) I hope that you understand.

(Author's note: Yes, finally I have 30 followers in here! Thank you my 30th follower, so I give this chapter to my lovely followers)

Amy p.o.v

Me and Frisk are still in underground and town called Snowdin. We just met Sans's brother Papyrus, who really likes spaghetti. I feel like I have been inside this house before and met Papyrus somewhere. Papyrus's cooking was really good, but I really wantet to meet Sans. Even though I have met him already, but I just can't remember him. What Toriel told me that he is: Funny, lazy, caring, loyal and kind. When the night came, I made sure that Frisk was sound asleep. I went to upstairs and room in the left. Door to Sans's door was locked so I used my powers to teleport inside. I noticed Sans in his bed and it seemed that he was having a nightmare.

"No, don't leave me. Don't leave me Amy, I need you" Sans said in his sleep.

"Sans, I'm here and I won't leave you again" I whispered.

I sat top of his legs and I stroked his left cheeck bone with my left hand. Then all of sudden, Sans flippes us around so he was top of me. Sans wrapped his hands around me and while his skull was laying against my chest.

"Sans, get off me and wake up" I said nervously.

Sans only tighten his hold on me and it seemed that Toriel was right. Sans was real lazybones, so I had to sleep in his bed and him sleeping top of me. I hope that Sans won't get angry at me, because I'm really sorry from leaving him.

Normal p.o.v    (Next day)

Amy was first to wake up and she waited to Sans to wake up as well. When Sans finally opened his eyes, he was shocked to see that there was strange human in his room.

"Who are you and what you're doing in my room?" Sans asked angrily.

"I'm Amy, I'm sorry for leaving you. I never came back because I lost my memories, I hope you can forgive me" Amy said.

Sans loooked Amy very suspiciously, then he leaned closer to Amy's face to take closer look. Without warning Sans started to cry blue tears and he hugged Amy.

"You have no idea how much I missed you, don't ever leave me again" Sans said while crying.

"I wish I could remember you better, but this time I'm going free you and other monsters. I promise that I won't leave you" Amy said.

Amy and Sans were hugging each other until they went eat breakfast, of course Papyrus hugged Sans scene he hasn't seen his brother that much. (More coming)

Hey guys, sorry if I haven't been active for couple days or longer. 😣  From this journal you can tell that I'm going to tell you something. First I want that you know, I’m not usually that kind of person who is negative and complaints a lot.

So let's talk about Creepypasta. Yes, you heard right. I have noticed that there is hundreds of reader x Creepypasta character fanfictions. Every time I see this kinda fanfic, I cringe. Scene, Jeff the killer or Slenderman isn't that kind of person who dates. Because true fan of Creepypasta wouldn't change Jeff's or Slenderman's personality. These Creepypasta characters are supposed to be, cruel and cold-blooded killers. Not, hug-loving and romantic.

This is my opinion, not yours. (So I don’t care if someone starts complaining) What you think about these reader x Creepypasta character fanfictions?
Couples what doesn't make sense
Mabel Pines x Bill Cipher

Oh why, oh why people ship these two? Revamp - :confused:  These two haven't done anything romantic together, also Bill is immortal demon. Facepalm
Also let's not forget how Bill tricked Mabel to think that she can have endless summer. Sorry people who ships these two, but this ship just doesn't make any fuc###ing sense!!! Angry emoticon 

Mandy x Grim

I don't have anything against this shipping, but it's just weird. :confuzzled:   Scene these two never seemed to be friends and Mandy was always bossing Grim around.

Discord and Applejack

Like Mandy and Grim, I don't have anything against this couple either. Applejack seems that kinda mare who isn't dating type kinda of mare and I just can't think these two together.

Yuuki Cross and Kaname

This shipping is just unacceptable!! :angry:  Seriously, what kinda person dates his/her brother/sister?! :angry:
I really wanted Yuuki go with Zero but no she goes with Kaname instead. Discord (angry with fire) plz 
Discord p.o.v

It took time to get Crystal empire, but finally me and Pinkie arrived here. When went closer to the castle, everypony was there. Every stallion was fighting each other, this made me wondering what is going on.

"That black unicorn who is sitting on throne is king Sombra" Pinkie said.

"Stallions, use all your strength! That stallion who is strongest will bring princess Twilight for me and he will be Equestria's hero" Sombra said.

This was getting into my nerves, so I snapped my fingers and  made every stallion to disappear. Other ponies who were still here started to freak out when they saw me.

"You strange creature, who are you and what you want!?" Sombra asked angrily.

"My name is Discord and I want that you send those mythical creatures away from Everfree forest!" I said.

"How about we make a deal Discord? You find princess Twilight and save her from a dragon. Then you bring princess here and I send those creatures somewhere else" Sombra said.

"Alright, I'll do it" I said.

Then me and Pinkie left from Crystal empire and started to look for princess Twilight. I always thought that Twilight was made out.

"Discord, this mission is dangerous. Have you any idea what dragons can do and how big dragons are?" Pinkie asked.

"Don’t worry, we have nothing to worry out. Besides there isn't what my magic can’t handle" I said.

Normal p.o.v   (also all that traveling skip)

It took 4 days to Discord and Pinkie to find abandoned castle where Twilight was locked up in highest tower. Discord snapped his fingers and transformerd into stallion what was unicorn. Discord had grey skin and black mane. Discord also turned Pinkie into pony too and Pinkie was now earth pony.

"Why did you transformerd us into ponies?" Pinkie asked.

"So princess won't freak out when she sees me. You go 
distract the dragon while I save Twilight" Discord said.

"You better not forget saving me then" Pinkie said.

While Pinkie had left, Discord went towards the highest tower. Discord was now standing front of door what was locked. Discord used his magic and knocked the door down. Discord went inside the room and there was mare sleeping in the bed. Discord walked next to bed and started to shake mare awake.

"Are you princess Twilight?" Discord asked.

"Yes I’m, I’m forever 
grateful that you came to save me" Twilight said.

"Isn't this nice, but we're going out now" Discord said.

Discord used his magic once again and Twilight started to float in air. While Twilight tried struggle against Discord's magic, Discord started to look for Pinkie.

"This isn't the way you save somepony, who think you are?" Twilight asked annoyed.

"My name is Discord my dear, before we leave we get Pinkie first" Discord said.

"Dragon!! Everypony run for your lives!" Pinkie yelled while she ran past Discord and Twilight.

"Princess you go with Pinkie and I take care of the dragon" Discord said.


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Goldendoctor Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2015
How would you react if you were suddenly turn into a mare version of yourself from My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
susannna16 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I'll properly faint.
SassyKat0 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2015  Student General Artist
Hey sorry I havnt really gotten back to you about your comic I have been really super busy ^^"
susannna16 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, I have been busy too. (Writing my story's on Wattpad) But you can sent those dress's what you made. (Sent those to me)
Also I picked some backgrounds from google and found a lot. But I still need:
Twilight's castle in winter time. Then some snow backgroud where is room to main six and Penny. (Snowball fight scene)
Penny's own room. Computer room at Penny's home. (Human world) Where Penny is playing with Computer. Then finally the throne room where the portal is. (What Twilight build in Rainbow Rock's movie)

Oops I forgot, Twilight's castle in Christmas time. (Inside the castle) Then fireplace what was mistletoe in it.
SassyKat0 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2015  Student General Artist
Cool I'm just about done with the dresses ( I've had a lot of fun making them) and I just need to do the backgrounds I'll send them to you when I get the chance
SassyKat0 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2015  Student General Artist
Also do you want penny's dress to be purple like in the picture?
susannna16 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Yes and draw Penny like in the picture. (Not that one I use in here)
SassyKat0 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015  Student General Artist
Ok thanks
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